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Even some people threatened to break the shop teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/05/22 at 7:31 Sáng

Even some people threatened to break the shop teeth in Vietnam .  Brush your teeth properly Use mouthwash that contains ingredients that reduce the sensitivity and wear of the roots such as chlorhexidine, sodium fluoride or potassium nitrate. Flossing to clean the root canals to remove all pathogens. Usually, according to the degree of tooth loss of each person, the doctor will offer a treatment Light profit drop.  In cases where the crown of the tooth is worn out and the tooth is exposed, the doctor will quickly overcome the welding filling aesthetic. Dental fillings will fill crowns with worn out crowns, while covering the root and dentin surfaces. Thanks to that, the loss of interest, sensitivity is also significantly reduced. Severe weight loss Dirty teeth, dead bone marrow Broken teeth cannot recover, loss of teeth Kết quả hình ảnh cho Teeth

Fixed dental restorations are less likely to cause tooth loss. But if the gums are retracted and the light level is worn out, it can be renewed. However, when gingival recession is more aesthetic, the best treatment is gum transplant surgery to restore the root canal coverage. cấy răng implant

The principle of these surgeries is to use mucosal flaps in adjacent teeth, with or without grafting material, to cover the affected tooth. Commonly used methods for root canal coverage include: self-contained transplantation, transplantation of animal tissue or removal of tissue from another donor. The choice of grafting and grafting depends on the severity of the fracture (heavy or light), the number of teeth lost (one tooth or multiple teeth), the area of ​​tooth loss (frontal or maxillary teeth) and the anatomical structure of the adjacent (thick or thin adhesive). The healing time after surgery is 6 weeks and about 1 year for gingival reconstruction as initially. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Gingivitis is a condition when the gums are pulled back from the tooth surface, revealing the root surface. This is a type of periodontal disease (gum disease) due to bad oral hygiene and can lead to tooth fracture. Currently there are many treatments, depending on the severity of the damage in the gums. The sooner you get diagnosed and treated, the better.

Some common signs and symptoms of gum drop include:

Bleeding after brushing or flossing;

– Gums swollen, red; Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– Breath is smelly; Pain in the gums; Gums are shrinking root rate loose teeth.

You will be able to control this disease if you take the following measures:

Use regular floss and brush your teeth to remove bacteria, food particles, plaque and tartar;

Meet your dentist every six months to clean your teeth to prevent complications, as tartar can contribute to gum disease and gum drop. Even if you do not have any symptoms, the dentist can also identify early signs of gum disease. vietnam dentist prices