abnormal state of the cardiovascular teeth in Vietnam?

abnormal state of the cardiovascular teeth in Vietnam?,operation the doctor will specify when the quality and quantity of the bone cavity, the jaw bone of the person missing teeth are not eligible to transplant the Titanium cylinder. Autologous bones or artificial bones will be transplanted to the site of loss of teeth on a case by case basis. After a period of bone integration is complete with the teeth, the jaw of the missing teeth, the doctor will proceed to place the implant. Advantages of bone grafting Bone graft technology helps people lose teeth for years, bone loss regain the ability to implant dental implants. Bone grafts help to firmly attach the Titanium to the jawbone. Reconstruct the jaw bone structure, preserve the jaw bone and real teeth. Do not use stimulant before and after transplant at least 2 weeks. After bone graft After the bone graft is painful and swollen, so it is important to take pain medicine prescribed by the doctor.

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Does implant dentistry hurt? The answer is no? Before making a dental implant, the doctor has performed local anesthesia. And with the advances in dentistry today, the anesthetics are so good that you cannot feel any discomfort at all. If so, just a little numbness in the jaw or slightly numbness at the site of the implant. In case the patient feels a little uncomfortable and is too scared, he or she will add a sedative so you can feel more comfortable sitting on the dentist’s chair vietnam dentist prices

Some side effects after implantation of the implant can make your teeth a little swollen and bleeding. But this feeling will pass quickly, usually disappears after about 7-10 days.

If you feel some pain, you can use ice or warm water to help reduce swelling. In fact, implant dentistry lasts only 20-30 minutes when the doctor performs bone drilling and puts the cylinder inside so the patient does not need to worry too much about the pain.

There are several major factors that affect the feeling of tingling. If your case is complicated and requires bone grafting, it is more painful than usual. However, soon after the porcelain teeth are taken over, the pain will disappear very quickly. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In addition, some side effects after planting implant teeth you can easily see it is bleeding and purple swelling. But do not worry, this is a very normal phenomenon and will disappear in about 7-10 days. Apply ice to the wound more quickly.

Complete restoration of missing teeth on the body and root

Allows the ability to integrate the bone of the artificial tooth well and the ability to heal wounds very quickly. No need to separate the gums when grafting

+ Stomach firmly, not only support the upper porcelain crowns, but also ensure the ability to withstand the chewing force. This will ensure that you eat as your real teeth.

+ Teeth durable, long life